Welcome to Engineered Surface Systems. ESS specializes in long term durable Industrial Flooring, Industrial Liners and Industrial Floor Repairs in Edmonton. ESS has been established since 2003 and has grown into one of the most well recognized polymer and concrete flooring contractors in Alberta.

Industrial Liners Edmonton

ESS is a diversified leader in the field of industrial lining Edmonton with vast experience in the industry. Our industrial lining services are cost-effective and long lasting to the industry where corrosive and abrasive protection is essential. We offer all kinds of curing and repairing services for industrial linings. We deal in strip, repairing damaged lining or reline your existing lining and also offer new lining installation with new components. Our high quality industrial liners Edmonton are to protect your heavy industrial equipment like chemical processors, big storage and food processing tanks. These are also effective to ensure the protection of FGD Scrubbers, flanged pipes and their fittings, agitators, pump components etc.

Industrial Flooring Edmonton

We have been providing residential, commercial and industrial flooring Edmonton for more than a decade. Our highly experienced crew of experts is second to none in whole Alberta. Our experts know the art of providing the professional and excellent quality industrial flooring by keeping an eye on even the smallest detail of your industrial flooring to make it safer for your business.

When it’s about the industrial flooring Edmonton, the number one priority is the durability and strength of the floor. So we make sure the floor we install is ready to bear any level of high pressure, heavy impact and a huge volume of traffic to come. Our high quality sealing protection minimizes your maintenance cost.

Industrial Floor repair Edmonton

ESS has specialized equipment and expertise for industrial floor repair Edmonton. The resurfacing and repairing of industrial floor is always an intimidating task and for a flawless completion of the job. You must have a strong understanding of the environment, usage of the floor, pressure and impact concerns and time restrictions. If you don’t go for a right company which can handle the project efficiently and well equipped with all the necessary tools, serious delays can happen that can make the whole project a big loss for your company. At ESS, our number one priority is to deliver on time with the best quality of work.

For your industrial floor repair Edmonton where heavy industrial traffic such as trucks, forklifts and cranes are traveling up and down the floor throughout the day, it will cause heavy pressure and stresses to unstable your industrial floor. This kind of unstable floor can not only be dangerous for the working environment but can also take its toll on costly industrial equipment and materials.