Welcome to Engineered Surface Systems. ESS specializes in long term durable concrete polishing, decorative concrete and special and general concrete repairs. ESS has been established since 2003 and has grown into one of the most well recognized polymer and concrete flooring contractors in Alberta.

Polished Concrete Edmonton

ESS is one of the leading companies providing the services for polished concrete Edmonton. It gives your floor a new look and ease to clean. The versatility and malleability of Polished Concrete Edmonton makes a sense that why this type of flooring is so much in demand in many commercial and residential environments. Whether you are having it as your internal building floor or some outside area of your building, it really has a lot of benefits as compared to any other flooring finishes.

Polished concrete floors are very easy to handle as they are easy to clean and you don’t need any special products for cleaning polished concrete Edmonton. So it requires a lower maintenance budget as compared to other floor types.

Decorative Concrete Edmonton

ESS provides very specialized services for decorative concrete Edmonton. If you have a plan to transform the existing floor or looking for a brand new decorative concrete Edmonton, ESS is here to help you in getting it done within a very suitable budget. ESS is equipped with the latest machineries and tools required for any type of flooring. Whether you have a plain floor or it is an old concrete we have the ability to turn it into a remarkable, attractive decorative floor that can give your home or workplace a brand new look. The latest and hot new trends for the flooring styles that are greatly in demand are to have a decorative concrete floor for patios, driveways, countertops or pool decks.

Concrete Repair Edmonton

We have a crew of very professional and highly skilled workers who can repair any kind of damaged concrete floors. So if you are looking for concrete repair Edmonton we have a solution for your concrete crack repair. ESS has the ability to repair your damaged concrete from hairline cracks to any sort of cracks right through to structural repair. Our technicians uses the repairing products which are ideal for repairing crack, holes or spalls in your concrete floors. Whether you are looking your internal floor repairing or need a concrete repair Edmonton for your external where heavy duty vehicle traffic is anticipated, ESS is the best choice to get the job done. The concrete cracks we repair will be two times stronger than the origin concrete guaranteed.

General Concrete Repair Edmonton

Generally concrete is designed be sturdy and long lasting material but it can succumb to wear and tear with the passage of time. So for a damaged, cracked or broken concrete floor you should have company that has expertise in the field of general concrete repair Edmonton. ESS is a leader of general concrete repair Edmonton. We don’t skimp on preparation but we design the general concrete repair Edmonton to last. We are able to dispose and re-pour the paths, joints and ramps to meet the standards of existing floor quality.