Concrete & Polymer Flooring Systems in Edmonton

Welcome to Engineered Surface Systems. ESS specializes in Concrete Repairs, Epoxy Flooring and Industrial Flooring systems. ESS has been established since 2003 and has grown into one of the most well recognized polymer and concrete flooring contractors in Alberta.

Sealers and Joints

A very basic concern about concrete flooring is how to manage the expansion and contraction of the floor joints. A sealer is a soft material that manages the contraction and expansion of the concrete slab. ESS applies the best sealers for the joints that give your floor a better look.

Preparation and Removal

ESS has the equipment to get the job done. ESS has some very specialized equipment to help our clients get the job done. Our equipment can be used to remove overlays, glue, and prepare the floor for any new flooring system.

Waterproof and Traffic decking

ESS provides traffic decking for foot to vehicle traffic. Typical uses are balconies, parkades and mechanical rooms. ESS uses state of the art polyurea technology as well as urethane and epoxy chemistries to find the right solution for your needs.

Commercial Quartz Flooring Systems

ESS commercial quartz flooring is suitable where the client requires a tough durable yet decorative flooring system. ESS can tailor the system to individual client needs by varying the resin base, configuration and texture of each flooring system.

Industrial Polymer Flooring

ESS industrial flooring is available for a wide variety of industrial applications. Typically ESS installs its products where a tough durable system is required for heavy traffic. Our systems our used widely in traffic isles, chemical areas, wash down areas and in food facilities where CFIA approval is a must.

Coatings and Linings

ESS coatings and linings are used by Alberta industry when protection of facilities and the environment are a must. ESS has a wide selection of resin systems to meet chemical resistance requirements of our customers. ESS has been successful in heavy industries of Alberta by protecting our clients facilities with our lining systems.

Concrete Remediation

Sometimes ESS will be called in to correct an existing problem with our clients facilities. ESS uses a wide variety of technologies to correct concrete problems and then protect the facility from further dedregation. ESS is often called on to correct safety issues, sloping and drainage, repair degraded concrete and pump bases and fix spalled or damaged concrete.

Concrete Polish and Colour

ESS is the recognized dealer applicator for Western Canada for the Retroplate Concrete Polishing System. Retroplate is a system that uses the existing concrete by polishing and denisifying the floor to bring out the natural beauty of the concrete. Low maintenance and highly durable it is a great alternative for all kinds of commercial flooring.

Acid Stained Concrete and Microtopping

Acid stained concrete is a system where a mineral based mild acid solution is applied to the floor in order to create a unique look every time. Acid stained floors are typically earth toned and enhance the existing beauty of the concrete. Tough and durable they are great for commercial applications and retail stores. The look can further be enhanced by pre-applying cement based microtoppings which allow for a variety of looks and textures.

Metallic Fusion

Metallic Fusion flooring is a unique option to give you a one of a kind look. E.S.S. uses 100% solids, 2 component epoxy combined with metallic pigment available in many colours. This system requires an epoxy base coat, Metallic Fusion Top coat, and an optional clear coat if slip resistance or UV protection is required. The final result is a glass like finish with unique depth and contrast. There are several application techniques which can be used to give every floor its own special look.

Flake Broadcast

Flake Broadcast flooring is a decorative seamless epoxy flooring system with vinyl flakes broadcast into it. This system consists of a primer, opaque or pigmented epoxy receiving coat, broadcast colored vinyl flakes and a clear epoxy or urethane topcoat. E.S.S offers this Flake Broadcast system in standard colored flakes and patterns (see our Torginol link on our Partners page). Custom mixes can be ordered upon request . The Vinyl flakes can be broadcast at various saturation to meet the desired end look of the customer. The flakes can be applied from a range of a few random chips per square foot , to a full broadcast leaving the entire floor the colour of the selected flakes The top coat(s) lock the vinyl chips in place. One epoxy or urethane lock coat is more economical and will leave an aggressive skid resistant finish, however it will be more difficult to clean. Two topcoats will make the system smoother, providing a less resistant floor, but will be easier to clean.

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