Health and Safety Policy


Engineered Surface Systems Inc., hereafter known as ESS, firmly believes that a safety program is essential to being one of the leaders in the industry. We take pride in promoting safety and quality on a daily basis. Our company safety policy reads as follows:


  • The personal safety, health and well being of each employee at ESS are considered to be our most important responsibilities. Our safety objective is to educate each employee through an ongoing safety program and provide the necessary information regarding safety standards.
  • We are committed to achieving our goals of providing excellent quality, efficient service and creating an injury free workplace. By promoting safety awareness our aim is to protect our employees, subcontractors, the public and the environment.
  • Every level of employment, including management, is responsible and accountable for the company's safety initiatives. Management will provide a health and safety program, evaluate hazards, establish safe work practices, supply the proper protective equipment and required training. Complete and active co-operation by everyone, every day and in every job is necessary to uphold these standards.
  • We believe that with wholehearted support and co-operation of management and employees, we can achieve our safety goals and maintain our safety standards.

ESS is a COR Certified Contractor





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